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  1. My wallet it’s a digital wallet you can use it for your orders from section “products” inside my MarketBook site.
  2. Each completed order returns per product to “my wallet” a percentage of amount based on product’s price.

    For product price 0-100 (€) the percentage cashback is 3%
    For product price 101-500 (€) the percentage cashback is 6%
    For product price >500 (€) the percentage cashback is 10%

  3. The refund process takes place within 24 hours of the order being completed.
    From the tab “transactions” you can view the details for each of them.
  4. Keep in mind that the balance from “my wallet” can only be used for futured orders. “My wallet” not supports transfer of current balance to your bank account or to your paypal etc.
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